“Seamless Orchestration”

We understand all the moving parts and we know how to orchestrate and manage them.

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is  success” – Thomas Edison.

Since our founding, Henrich has followed a balanced philosophy that “the Clients’ needs/ interests come first”. With every project we launch into a discovery phase to better understand you, our client. Every project undertaken by Henrich is critical to you and therefore, every project is unique and important to us.

Reflective of this simple philosophy, each project has a focused and dedicated project team with the necessary mix of professional, specialized expertise, educational background, experience and personal commitment.

Our team approach involves us undertaking a thorough analysis of the project; its Design and Construction; its scope of work; schedule and budget; the expectations of the client for the facility; the project’s functional expectations and its form; its programming goals, use objectives, ease of maintenance and occupancy requirements.

Our goal is to reduce costs, speed construction, deliver a quality product, and enhance the value of our clients’ project. The professionals selected for our projects have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to identify early warning signals or difficulties before they develop into major situations.

Our progressive approach to Construction /Construction Project Management encourages each team members’ to act as partners throughout the planning, design and construction process; with a spirit of shared ideas and free-flowing collaboration.

In essence, “All team members share equal importance and relevance to the overall success of the project efforts- never an “us vs. them” mentality”. We consistently provide active owner involvement on every project throughout its duration.When there’s work to get done, we outright get it done”.